Marine Radar

10" & 12" Color LCD Marine Radar Display Model FR-10, FR-12 NEW

Navigate Safely By Identifying Risks

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Ultra High Definition RezBoost™ Target Analyzer Risk Visualizer™ Traget Tracking AIS


  • The FR-10 and the FR-12 10.4"/12.1" Color LCD Radars are Marine Radar displays consisting of a dedicated vertical display unit that can be freely combined with Furuno’s extensive DRS Series Antennas to meet a wide variety of detection needs. These Radars feature the latest technologies including Risk Visualizer™, a new function that provides visual information on potential collision areas and movement of all surrounding vessels, as well as Echo Average, Target Analyzer™, Fast Target Tracking™, RezBoost™ and many other great functions to help you keep track of any target for your navigation and operations such as Custom AIS, User-Programmable function keys and Multi-language support.
  • Compatible with Furuno’s powerful antenna line-up

    The FR-10 and FR-12 are compatible with most of the DRS Series Antennas, allowing for a variety of configurations. By selecting the detection range (power output), screen size and antenna type & size based on what you want to accomplish, you can build the Radar that best meets your needs. 

    Compatible DRS antennas: 
    Radome type:
    Model DRS2D-NXT
    ​Model DRS4D-NXT
    ​​Model DRS4DL+

    Open Array type:
    Model DRS6A-NXT
    ​Model DRS12A-NXT
    ​Model DRS25A-NXT
    Model DRS6A X-Class
    Model DRS12A X-Class
    Model DRS25A X-Class

    *Model NN3D DRS is not a compatible DRS Antenna
  • Risk Visualizer™ New

    Risk Visualizer™ is a technology that shows potential collision areas based on the current position and movement of all surrounding vessels. Thanks to the on-screen display, it is easy to get a quick and intuitive overview of the situation around your ship. Aditionally, color-coded alerts according to the threat of a collision, from green (normal) to red (hazardous), will help you assess the level of danger and plan your next move. This is our first commercial mid-range Radar to incorporate this feature, which contributes to the continuous improvement of safety at sea. 
  • Fast Target Tracking™

    Fast Target Tracking™ is a technology that instantaneously displays a vector indicating the speed and heading of the target. The targets are automatically tracked from the beginning, making it possible to immediately calculate the target's trajectory and display the velocity vector. 
  • Target Analyzer™

    Target Analyzer™ is a technology that analyzes targets and identifies the dangerous ones that are likely to collide with your ship, using different colors according to the degree of danger. The display of potentially dangerous targets in different colors allows an operator to understand threats to safe navigation at a glance.

  • Echo Average

    Echo Average is a feature that attenuates irregular echoes, such as reflections from the sea surface and precipitation, and stabilizes echoes from fishing gear and other vessels. It makes it easier to see what you want to see, even in poor weather conditions such as high waves, precipitation or dense fog.
  • Radar overlay on charts/Share points and lines

    The FR-12 can show Radar echoes overlaid on MapMedia MM3D charts. Additionally, when connected to the GP-3700/F* via Ethernet, marks and lines can be displayed.

    *FR-12 only. This function requires the optional RP board kit OP03-266-E to be installed in the FR-12.
  • Custom AIS

  • User-Programmable function keys

  • Multi-language support.



Peak Output Power
Depending on the selected Antenna Unit (See DRS Antennas)
Compatible Antenna Unit: DRS4DL+, DRS2D/4D/6A/12A/25A-NXT, DRS6A/12A/25A X-Class
Range Scales
0.0625 to 36 NM (DRS4DL+)
0.0625 to 48 NM (DRS2D/4D-NXT)
0.0625 to 72 NM (DRS6A-NXT)
0.0625 to 96 NM (DRS6A/12A/25A X-Class, DRS12A/25A-NXT)


Display Unit
10.4-inch color LCD
12.1-inch color LCD
Display Mode
Head-up, Course-up, North-up, True motion, Stern-up
Other Mode / Functions
Risk Visualizer™
Target Analyzer™
Target Tracking™
True Echo Trail
Echo Average
Sub Display Unit
AIS Display
Radar overlay on charts


Power Supply / Consumption Current
FR-10: 12-24 VDC: 1.1-0.6 A
FR-12: 12-24 VDC: 1.7-0.9 A


Interconnection Diagram


* Specifications subject to change without notice.